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November 11,06 SANY Europe GmbH

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Sany Europe GmbH (“Sany Europe”) is the fully owned subsidiary of Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. As the European headquarters of SANY Group, Sany Europe designs and offers mobile port machinery from Germany for the European and global markets. The company also offers hydraulic excavators and crawler cranes for the developed markets. The current range of products contains:



1. Mobile port machinery: Reach stackers, Empty Container Handlers and Heavy Duty Forklifts in different configurations with Tier III and Tier IV emission engine compliant offering.

2. Lifting Equipment: Crawler Cranes ranging between 50 – 300t.

3. Earthmoving Machinery: Hydraulic Excavators from 1.6t to 33t.

1. 移动式港口机械:不同型号的正面吊、堆高机和重叉

2. 起重机械:50吨至300吨的履带吊

3. 土方工程机械:1.6吨至3.3吨的液压式挖机


Europe is the high-end construction machinery market with the highest standard and stringent requirements of customers. In Nov 2016, the Prime Minister of China, Mr. Keqiang Li visited Eastern Europe and brought new opportunities to the development of Chinese enterprises in Europe. In order to strengthen international development and to respond to the international “one-belt-one-road” , Sany Europe raised funds and adjusted the financial structure, which providing more funds for the commercial development of Sany Europe in the local and global countries. From September 29 to September 30, 2017, although Sany Europe has sold part shares of Palfinger AG at Vienna Stock Exchange (as “Wiener Börse” in German), it will not have any negative impact on the strategic partnership between Sany Europe and Palfinger. And Sany Europe will not sell any more shares of Palfinger in the short term briefly and will continue to strengthen the strategic partnership with Palfinger in the R&D, production and sales of lifting machinery.





Sany Europe GmbH

October 23 2017




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