Finance and insurance

Sany Finance and Insurance Service provides Sany financing and internal and customer insurance services. Financing insurance service refers to the cooperation of Sany finance with competent insurance companies at home, providing comprehensive insurance services to customers who purchase Sany equipment and vehicles. With the goal of improving the customer's overall experience with insurance, Sany Finance & Insurance Service provides convenient insurance to the customer. Sany customers can quickly and conveniently purchase insurance by uploading the necessary documents. This can be done by the customer or by the dealer. Once approved, the insurance policy can be printed or sent to the customer in electronic form. Sany Finance & Insurance Service has negotiated the lowest possible premiums for our customer with our cooperating insurance company. To assist in promptly settling claims, Sany Finance & Insurance Service, together with our cooperating insurance company has worked out a comprehensive claim settlement process consisting of collaborated survey/inspection by the expert loss assessment team, subrogation, payment in advance etc,the aim of which is to strive for the maximum insurance settlement for the customers.

Internal insurance service is to meet the insurance demands of Sany group and its members, providing professional services including insurance, claim settlement, related management and advisory service with the cooperating insurance company.