Continuous innovation of SANY

SANY believes the development and manufacture of high-quality, industry-leading products must always remain a top priority. To achieve this goal, SANY reinvests 5–7% of its annual sales revenue in R & D every year.

As a result, SANY has been granted an industry-topping 6,000 patents for technologies, systems and designs it has developed, and has gained national and global distinction for its innovations.


•1994-SANY independently developed China's very first high-pressure truck-mounted concrete pump with a large displacement.

•1998-SANY developed China's very first truck-mounted concrete pump with a 37-meter boom.

•2008-A fully hydraulic rotary drilling rig of the largest tonnage in Asia rolled out in SANY.

•2008-SANY developed a whole-rock roadheader with the highest power in Asia.

•2009-SANY developed a 200-ton hydraulic excavator, the largest tonnage in China.

•2009-A 2MW wind turbine rolled out. SANY has thus become a wind turbine manufacturer with proprietary IPR and a manufacturing capacity covering the entire value chain.

•2010-SANY developed a 1000-ton truck crane, marking the highest tonnage in China.

•2011-SANY developed a 3600-ton crawler crane, known as the NO.1 crawler crane in the world.

•2011-SANY rolled out a truck-mounted concrete pump with an 86-meter boom, the longest in the world, breaking its own previous record.