Van Gogh Museum Renovation in Amsterdam


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Van Gogh Museum Renovation in Amsterdam - SANY rotary drilling rig

The SANY SR250 rotary drilling rig was used to undertake pile foundation work for the Van Gogh Museum's new entrance hall construction in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The new entrance hall, covering a total surface area of 975 square meters, was renovated from an existing sunken pond and connected to the museum's original building, designed in 1973, and the more recent Kurokawa Wing completed in 1999.

As the geography of the Netherlands is quite unusual (with much of its land being below sea level, reclaimed from the sea), pipe pile construction was well suited for the entrance hall project. SANY SR250 was used in a water area at 26 meters pile depth, with 320 mm pile diameter.

All key components of SANY drilling rigs are precision engineered, enabling the highest functionality, and ensuring precise and reliable piling, which was essential for the complex entrance hall construction. SR250 was able to deliver highly-efficient, fast drilling while maintaining high stability.

Located in Amsterdam South's Museum Square, along with two other major museums — the Stedelijk Museum and the Rijks Museum — the Van Gogh Museum is one of the most interesting cultural spots in Europe, and SANY machinery played a key part in the historic renovation.


  • SY35U


    Operating Weight: 3855kg

    Engine Power: 18.2/2200kW/rpm

    Bucket Capacity: 0.12m³

  • SY16C


    Operating Weight: 1750kg

    Engine Power: 11.2/2400 kW/rpm

    Bucket Capacity: 0.04m³

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