How does SANY forklift truck win over Guatemala's Port of San Jose?


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 6 units of heavy-duty forklift trucks at the Port of San Jose

SANY delivered 6 units of heavy-duty forklift trucks to Port of San Jose, the second largest port of Guatemala in 2015, which is a breakthrough for SANY Port in local market.

“Strong innovation capability, custom design and fast delivery are three key reasons that SANY can win against other European or American brand, and successfully enter into Guatemala market,” said Zhu Wenkui, deputy general manager of SANY Port Machinery.

SANY heavy-duty forklift trucks are available in different series with hoisting capacity from 10 to 46 tons, can be used to handle large tonnage cargo and support maintenance, discharge and installation of important equipment. Attached with special tools such as coil ram, clamp, spreader etc. the forklift can also handle steel, stone, concrete, wood and container. Therefore, customer can get the most desired machine to get the job done.

The 6 forklift trucks for Port of San Jose delivered excellent performance at work. The centralized joystick has inching control function, thus can realize fine tuning to millimeter precision easily. The forklift attachment can be replaced quickly, increasing working efficiency under different conditions.

Handling large tonnage cargo or container at a busy port, SANY forklift truck adopts leading technology to ensure a safe and reliable operation. The forklift working conditions are monitored in real time so as to prevent the truck from rolling over. If the forklift has to stop suddenly or make a sharp turn, the operator can control the position of the attachment to prevent cargo falling off the machine.

In addition, with technologies such as laser scanning and graphic identification, the forklift truck can precisely detect people or obstacles within the driving route and stop automatically to avoid potential accidents. In respect of after sales service, SANY has Chinese service engineers working at Guatemala, and extensive service network built in the Caribbean region.


  • SY35U


    Operating Weight: 3855kg

    Engine Power: 18.2/2200kW/rpm

    Bucket Capacity: 0.12m³

  • SY16C


    Operating Weight: 1750kg

    Engine Power: 11.2/2400 kW/rpm

    Bucket Capacity: 0.04m³

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