SANY compact excavators combine maximum output with maximum flexibility. Their compact design – weighing between 5.4 and 13.5 tonnes in total – means that they can even be used where space is tight on the construction site or when there are complicated tasks to deal with. Enjoy easy of operation, high driver comfort and the latest hydraulics technology at an especially attractive price.


The SANY SY75C is extremely powerful and offers outstanding driver comfort. This machine achieves first-class performance data thanks to its robust structure and excellent stability.

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The SANY SY135C is extremely powerful and offers outstanding driver comfort, meaning that this machine guarantees exceptional productivity and user-friendliness.

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Thanks to its compact dimensions, the SANY SY155U short-tail-swing excavator is ideal for use in tight spaces such as inner-city construction sites. This machine is extremely economical to operate thanks to its very high productivity, exceptional driver comfort and low consumption data.

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