Donation of 50.000 facial masks to fight the Corona Virus

Bedburg-Erft / Düsseldorf: SANY Global /SANY Europe supports different organisations with 50.000 facial masks to support the fight against the corona virus.

The hand-over happened on Monday 23th of March in Bedburg-Erft.

“Mountain and valley don’t come together, but people do” – “We want to show gratitude by this case, when the virus breaks out in China in December 2019.” SANY Europe pointed out. The distance from SANY headquarter in China is just 250km from Wuhan. “Also, if we try to prevent those situations, we know, that stuff like masks and disinfectant gets scarce. Donations like that helps us to keep the system running, and the people healthy. – was added by a speaker from SANY Europe.

The masks were given to the fire department of Essen, the mayor of Bedburg (location of SANY Europe headquarter) the Chinese Embassy, Saarland and Aichtal (Location of Putzmeister – Member of SANY).

The masks in Bedburg got delivered directly to a local doctor, who shared the masks with other local doctors. A big number of masks got the fire department in Essen (20.000 pcs.).

Mr. Dr. Quiang Fu as a representative of NRW.Invest pointed out, that China solidarized with NRW now, like NRW did the same before with China.