A Year of Records- Highlights from the SANY 2019 Annual Report

A Year of Records– Highlights from the SANY 2019 Annual Report

Beijing, May, 3th 2020


2019 sales revenues: 10,691 Mrd. USD

35,55% growth (year on year)

By improvement in:

operation efficiency

Per capita output,

Profitability and global market share

Control of operating risks

Robust sales growth and increased global competitiveness

Excavators achieved sales revenues of 3,903 Mrd. USD

An increase of 43,52% year by year

60.000 excavators were sold – SANY ranking first in China

Concrete Machinery

Still leading brand 3.278 Mrd. USD revenue

An increase of 36,76% year by year

Hoisting machines

1.975 Mrd. USD revenue

An increase of 49,55% year by year

Crawler Cranes

Defended its leading position

Piling machines

0,68 Mrd. USD

Growth year by year is 2,54%

Considerable upgrades to operating capacity which reached records highs

Gross margin rate increased to 33,26%

Net profit rate went town to 15,19%

Net profit increased 83,23% to 1.584MRD USD



Leaps in digital transformation

SANY integrated technology to eliminate manufacturing defects

Improving aftersales efficiency

Raising the online presence of clients and their equipment


Steadily increased sales in overseas markets

2,002 Mrd. USD sales revenues in Indonesia, USA; Europe Russia and Latin America.

SANY improved its response ability and service capability by better systems and enhancing market channel capacity

Remarkable results in R&D innovation

2019 – 9151 patents -> company with the most patents in china

SANY holds the leading position for smart product-development and made breakthroughs in its unmanned pavement builders cluster

Significantly improved brand image and emerged in the top 3 global construction machinery manufacturers

Great strides in brand awareness

Became fortune’s most admired Chinese company

Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Chinese newspaper) placed SANY among the TOP 3 construction Machinery Manufacturers worldwide


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