Crawler excavator


Rated power
129 kW / 2 200 rpm

Bucket capacity
0.93 m3

Operating mass
23 550 kg


+ High-resolution 10“ touch display

+ 2 cameras

+ Seat with adjustable consoles

+ 5 different attachments
per category programmable
(name, pressure, oil flow)


Durable and robust – the SY215C can be used whenever the going gets tough. This means that it must be able to withstand a great deal. No problem for the SY215C, as with its reinforced, extremely robust undercarriage and particularly clean, robot-welded seams, it is exactly the right excavator for hard day-to-day work on construction sites.

A very stable foundation – the machines have a great deal of work to do during their tough day-to-day work on construction sites. This is why – from the design stage, to selecting the materials used, quality and conducting the final checks – all excavators by SANY are designed to be robust. For instance, all welded seams are computer-controlled by robots – this maximum precision ensures stability and reliability.

Comfortable workstation – the cabin of the SY215C leaves nothing to be desired. All of the controls are within easy reach from the air-suspension seat which supports the driver‘s back. Maintenance and service support is also easy to reach: Thanks to the large and easily accessible service doors and clear layout of the most important components, this work is quick and easy to complete.

Minimising maintenance times and maximising operating times – all serviceable components are easily accessible. This means that any maintenance and service support can be carried out efficiently and safely, reducing unproductive downtime and increasing machine availability. Daily routine checks in particular can be carried out quickly, easily and safely by hand, because handrails, non-slip treads. A lot of maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the air filter, are already possible from the ground.

Agile power – the SY215C works through its programme quickly and with great power. This excavator has great power reserves in its 23+ tonnes. The machine is mounted on a stable HD undercarriage so that it can be used to the full.

Safety as a production factor – it is only possible to work cost-effectively if you work safely. This is why the large safety package has everything included as standard, from LED working lights to the rotating beacon, and from the boom safety valve to the overload warning for lifting.

Best visibility even in poor lighting conditions – good visibility is required for precise, quick work. In the worst-case scenario, the SY215C itself will provide sufficient lighting. The operating area is illuminated by two LED roof working lights, two LED working lights on the boom, one in the upper structure and an LED working light facing backwards. The high-quality LED working lights not only stand out thanks to their particularly good illumination, but also due to their low power consumption and extreme durability, while also being virtually maintenance-free. For enhanced safety, two cameras are also provided to show all poorly visible areas of the machine. With a single tap, the images can be combined or shown individually on the high-resolution display.

High quality and tried-&-tested – the water-cooled Cummins diesel engine with common rail technology and AdBlue system guarantees reliable performance, even under tough working conditions. The complete package is rounded off by the finely tuned Kawasaki hydraulic system.

Improved performance thanks to optimised hydraulics – the position-controlled hydraulic system adjusts the required pressure and oil flow according to requirements. The powerful, variable piston pumps reach a flow rate of 2 x 241 l/min and therefore achieve a very high level of efficiency at a low engine speed.

Power and efficiency – the smart hydraulic control system adapts the pump power to the available engine power. This means greater efficiency and lower fuel consumption, thereby providing excellent cost-effectiveness.

Everything in view, everything under control – to enable efficient work at the construction site, you can, for example, save the required working pressures and oil flow for the two proportional auxiliary lines for up to five attachment devices in each category. Simply enter the name of the attachment in the large, high-resolution 10“ touch display and assign the required value to the tool. This makes changing attachments on the job site quick and uncomplicated – time and costs can be significantly reduced as a result. In addition, the large touch display with its simple menu allows intuitive navigation and monitoring of all important parameters.


Brochure SY215C
Download [PDF 4.8 MB]



The SANY SY215C is a powerful all-rounder which combines flexibility and power. It can therefore perform various tasks in a wide range of applications and its robust design means that it is comfortable even with difficult tasks and tough environments.

Operating mass23 550kg
Standard bucket capacity0.93
Transport length9 635mm
Transport width2 980mm
Height over cabin/ROPS3 255mm
Rated power129kW2 200rpm
Max. digging depth6 450mm
Max. digging reach9 745mm
Min. swing radius3 662mm
Bucket digging force ISO143kN
Arm digging force ISO115kN
Max. oilflow400l/min



With the SANY SY215C, you do not need to worry about additional parts. Everything you need for easy, comfortable work is included as standard.

Automatic air conditioning C/H*
Radio and speaker
Armrests (adjustable)
12v outlets
USB port (music)
Airsuspensio seat
Heated seat
AUX 1 on Joystick
AUX 2 on Joystick
Sky light openable
Sky light openable
10“ touch display

* The air conditioner contains fluorinated greenhouse gases: Refrigerant type: HFC-134a, Global warming potential: 1 430, Quantity: 0.9 kg, CO2e: 1.29 t

Battery master switch
Travel Alarm
Warning beacon
Rear Camera
Camera on right side
Lockable hoods
Lockablge fuel cap

Boom and arm load holding valves with overload indicator
Double acting circuit for hydraulic quick coupler with piping
Breaker&Shear line proportional on Joystick with piping
Rotation line proportional on joystick with piping
Flow adjustment for attachments
› Pressure adjustment for attachments

Lights – front (LED)
Lights – boom (LED)
Lights – platform (LED)
Lights – back (LED)

› Steel tracks 600
› Holes/loops for fixing

 Auto idle
 Fuel pump

Swing brake
2 speed travel
Piping for additional hydraulic function AUX 1
Piping for additional hydraulic function AUX 2
Hydr. Pre-pressure operating joysticks