Our material handler is the best machine that can be deployed wherever large quantities of material need to be moved. It’s a real powerhouse that impresses on account of its high efficiency and cost effectiveness. One of its signature features is its high load capacity, which allows even the greatest of tasks to be handled swiftly. No matter whether the material handler is deployed in a port or a timber yard, for materials handling or for sorting tasks on a demolition site, to handle recycling material or scrap – the range of taskappropriate attachment devices guarantee the maximum in performance and reliability for any application.


SANY Europe Umschlagmaschine SMHW48G5Engine  CUMMINS L9
Power  252 kW / 1 800 rpm
Total weight  44 000 – 48 000 kg


Engine  CUMMINS 6.7
Power  145 kW / 2 000 rpm
Total weight  28 500 – 30 500 kg