Wheel loader

Deutz TCD 6.1 L6

Rated power
129 kW / 2 200 rpm

Bucket capacity
2,3 m3

Operating weight
14 500 kg


+ Particularly powerful wheel loader

+ Spacious, ROPS/FOPS-certified cab

+ Hydraulically driven reversible fan

SANY Europe Radlader SW305 Highlights


SANY Europe Radlader SW305Optimal framework – moving heavy loads requires a foundation up to the job. The SW305’s robust, heavy-duty frame design means that the machine can cope with the most demanding operating conditions.

Setting standards for durability – the heavy-duty frame design is built for durability. With a robust design and precision-crafted, it is built for use over many operating hours. Likewise, the generously sized articulated bearing is designed for a long service life. Its highstrength tapered roller bearing can withstand the greatest loads.

SANY Europe Radlader SW305Show your size – the large-sized articulated joint with the installed high-strength tapered roller bearing is designed for the greatest loads.

SANY Europe Radlader SW305Developed for operators – the air-sprung Grammer driver’s seat, with its high backrest and many individual adjustment options, offers excellent seating comfort.

Designed to be straightforward – operators can automatically apply many routine processes, saving time while also leading to increased precision and productivity. For example, this includes resetting the bucket, which automatically moves the bucket back to the loading position. Everyday work is also made easier by the automatic loading functions and faster loading procedures. This is also true for the speed of the loading hydraulic system, which can be individually adjusted – allowing operators to adjust the lifting, filling and emptying speeds.

A clear view – the 360° camera system with a reversing alarm means that the machine is convenient and, above all, safe to operate with an unrestricted all-round view.

Good lighting for good visibility – if it‘s getting late or you‘re working in dark buildings, four LED spotlights ensure that the work area is well lit. Their advantages are that they are lowmaintenance,they consume little energy and they have a „leaving home“ function. In addition, four cameras positioned all around provide a 360° panoramic image with maximum visibility and therefore ensure the highest possible active safety. The image is shown in high resolution on the monitor in the driver‘s cab.

SANY Europe Radlader SW305Quality is what drives us forward – equipped with a state-of-the-art, six-cylinder common rail diesel engine from Deutz, the wheel loader provides a powerful 129 kW performance and a maximum torque of 880 Nm at 2200 rpm.

Perfectly equipped down to the last detail – for all of the important components, SANY only uses tried-and-tested parts from brand manufacturers: (1) Load-sensing main hydraulic pump from Rexroth with a steering and loading hydraulic pump including a third control circuit as standard. (2) Automatic Ergopower powershift transmission from ZF for maximum ease of shifting in automatic or manual mode. (3) Low-maintenance, heavy-duty axles from ZF with multi-discbrakes running in oil and engageable self locking differential on the front axle. (4) The Z-kinematics provide full power exactly where it’s needed – at the bucket. This ensures strong breakaway forces, as well as quick loading and emptying. The powerful load-sensing system from Rexroth with a steering and loading hydraulic pump has a third control circuit as standard, which is controlled using a single lever control with sliders. For example, this can be used to directly connect and operate a hydraulic quick-coupler line. The practical float position enables additional applications and more efficient work, for instance when making surfaces level or operating sweepingdevices. The safety valves offer extra safety by ensuring that the lifting gear does not lower under load.

SANY Europe Radlader SW305Shorter cycle times – the powerful loadsensing hydraulic system enables the attachments to respond optimally and thereby improves the lifting and lowering speed of the lifting gear.

Impressive efficiency – the speed of the fan blade is controlled according to the temperature. As a result, noise emissions and fuel consumption are reduced. To ensure that the radiator does not get clogged in extreme working conditions and is able to reliably perform its function, it is automatically cleaned by the reversible fan blade. Reverse operation can be set periodically and, accordingly, the radiator cleaning process can be adapted to the outside conditions. The effective vibration damping system ensures faster driving and that less material is lost. This system minimises pitching movements from the machine and therefore leads to increased productivity.


Brochure SW305
Download [PDF 4.7 MB]



The new SANY SW305 wheel loader takes productivity to the next level. With its powerful Deutz common rail diesel engine and the robust heavy-duty frame design, it‘s the ideal choice wherever power and reliabilityare required. Its signature features are its strong breakaway forces and large tipping loads. What‘s more, with its many options for attachments, this powerhouse is a multifunctional machine that can handle a wide range of wheel loader tasks with flying colours.

Rated power ISO/TR 14396129 / 2 200kW / rpm
Max. ground speeds (small gear)7km/h
Max. ground speeds (big gear)41km/h
Angle of oscillation24°
Total steering angle40°
Outer tyres turning radius5 382mm
Max. oil flow220l/min
Transport length (transport position)7 518mm
Transport width2 545mm
Transport height3 405mm
Wheel base3 000mm



The new SW305 already comes with a number of features ex-works for improved comfort, greater safety and increased productivity. This includes vibration damping, bucket resetting, adjustable lifting and emptying speeds and the float position.

Mechanical suspension seat with adjustable armrests
Air-sprung heated seat with adjustable armrests**
Automatic climate control system*
Openable right-hand side window
Adjustable steering column
12 V socket
Reading light
7″ touchscreen display
2 outside and 1 inside rear mirror
Panoramic camera system
Radio with USB port
Drinks holder
Document compartment
Sun visor
Rubber floor mat

* The air conditioner contains fluorinated greenhouse gases: Refrigerant type: HFC-134a, Global warming potential: 1 430, Quantity: 0.85 kg, CO2e: 1.22 t
** Special option

Cyclonic air filter
Air preheating
Fuel prefilter with water separation
Temperature-dependent reversible cooling fan

Headlight with high and low beam
2 work lights on the cab roof
Reversing alarm and rotating beacon
Battery main switch
Windscreen and rear window wiper
Engine start-up protection when the gear is engaged
Encoded start-up protection

Load-sensing system with variable pump power
Electrohydraulic single lever control (FNR + KD + third control circuit on roller)
Preparation of hydraulic quick-coupler line with lines and actuation
Automatic bucket positioning
Vibration damping system
Sight glass for oil level check

Dual-circuit brake system
Two brake pedals
Electrohydraulic parking brake