Reach stacker


Rated power
265 kW / 2 100 rpm

Load capacities at row 1/2/3
45 / 31 / 15 t to 45 / 32 / 16 t

Wheel base
6 000 mm


10 – 23% more container
+ movements per hour 

+ 20% fuel saving per
+ container handled

+ Amortisation in just 1 – 2 years


The SANY extra-tonne – a little more is always welcome when it comes to lifting capacity. That is why SANY gives the option of adding an other tonne to the lifting capacity for the 2nd and 3rd rows with the movable counterweight on the hybrid version. 

The time-saver machine – exactly the right performance at the container terminal. Convincing with its sheer power when stacking heavy container in the first and second rows, with agility and fast manoeuvring, even in tight aisles, and with fast cycle times thanks to high-performance hydraulics and precise joystick control. Support is provided by automatic systems for locking the twist locks and telescopically extending the spreader, and a fully automatic powershift transmission with torque converter.

Maximum operating times, minimum downtimes – SANY reach stackers prove their reliability in tough practical operations worldwide. Within 10 years of operation, they reach more than 50,000 working hours, clocking up an excellent total operating time. Downtimes for maintenance, service or repairs are extremely low compared to the useful machine hours.

Award-winning – the narrow boom head is about half a tonne lighter than the broad boom head of the predecessor model range. That saves fuel whenever a container is lifted. This advantage of the hybrid machines is now also available on the standard machines. This weight reduction improves fuel efficiency, saving a great deal of fuel in the course of a working day. One of many reasons why SANY reach stackers were given the IFOY Award.

SANY PORT Reachstacker BroschüreLong-term investment good stability in the steel construction and in the spreader give SANY reach stackers their extraordinary robustness. High-quality transmission and hydraulic components from leading manufacturers (Volvo, Dana, Kessler, Parker), quality electronics from IFM and a premium joystick ensure that SANY reach stackers continue to perform over a long time. 

Inner and outer values – all structural components, for example the complete steel construction, the chassis and the boom, are from our own production and are subject to strict quality control. All components in the drive train, hydraulics and electronics are sourced from prominent European brand-name manufacturers. That gives the user the certainty that he can rely on maximum quality down to the finest detail. Plus, design modifications are possible in-house at any time. 

SANY PORT Reachstacker BroschüreComfort leads to efficiency the largest cab in its class gives the driver not only sufficient space, but also a wide range of comfort functions. The pleasant environment and the ergonomically arranged control elements allow concentrated, productive work over a long period. 

Complete comfort, complete control – the power of the SANY reach stackers is also plain to see behind the steering wheel: The largest cab in its class provides a lot of comfort. This includes air conditioning as standard and a driver‘s seat with comfortable neck support, high backrest and armrests. A Grammer premium seat with seat heating, electrical adjustment and lumbar support is also optionally available, as is a co-driver‘s seat. The noise insulation in the cab exceeds the requirements of the strictest industrial standards, making the working environment even more comfortable and preventing the early onset of driver fatigue. The entire machine control is located on the control console on the right-hand armrest and the steering wheel column, putting everything within easy reach. The high-precision Elobau multifunction joystick makes exact, efficient work possible in all situations. For example, it allows several hydraulic commands at the same time, and supports precise control for fast cycle times. The cab itself can be moved electro-hydraulically to put the driver in a position where his view of the working area is unobstructed at all times.

SANY PORT Reachstacker BroschüreSo much is certain the excellent stability is essential for working quickly and safely. The design is particularly robust and torsion-
resistant, providing for the necessary stability with or without a load and intelligent weight distribution. Moreover, the driver can rely on numerous safety systems, including an extensive range of sensors, when the cab is moved to the front-most position.

Safe. Safer. SANY. – joystick control for the boom and the spreader is implemented with two independent CAN buses. Safety also when it comes to stability: Intelligent weight distribution and the robust chassis provide for the best stability in its class. Optional tyre pressure monitoring guarantees that nothing is overlooked when it comes to stability. The driver receives information from the main display and from the head-up display about how much load capacity has been utilised, another factor for safe and fast working. He can thus quickly move the spreader with a container within the safe load range. What‘s more, to protect the driver, the rotation of the spreader is limited to 30° as soon as the cab is moved out of the safe rear position.

SANY PORT Reachstacker BroschüreThe easy way  the dipsticks for the engine and gear oil are easily accessible in front of the driver‘s cab. The air filter is just as easy to service and exchange. Practical: The large service hatches on the side of the machine for uncomplicated service control.

Compactness as a concept – compact dimensions, uncompromising performance – the properties of the SANY reach stackers cannot be described more accurately than that. With a wheel base of 6,000 mm, it offers a perfect combination of agility and safety. Manageable dimensions for fast manoeuvring in tight spaces on the one hand; ideal weight distribution for the optimum stability and weight saving on the other. SANY thus raises the benchmark for efficency in container handing by another notch. 


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Brochure SRSC45H9G5
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#1 For the SANY reach stacker with economical hybrid system, we have taken the hydro-pneumatic technology of energy recuperation that has proven its worth in other fields and modified it to account for the requirements of container loading.

#2 The streamlined mono-frame design of the spreader reduces the weight by 700 kg compared to the standard SANY and by 2,000 kg compared to the classic ELME spreader. The symmetrical body also reduces torsional loads on the internal components. The narrow boom head reduces weight and saves another 500 kg.

#3 The new 5-speed gearbox measurably improved the engine-gearbox package. This makes it possible to remain longer in the fuel-economical engine speed range. The converter lock-up is activated here to enhance efficiency. When shifting up to the next gear, the engine speed does not drop so far and remains in the high-performance yet economical range.



When the SANY hybrid reach stacker was launched in 2019, it was given the Innovation Award by the British Forklift Truck Association. One year later, it was honoured by the international IFOY organisation with the IFOY Award (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year Award). All award-winning product advantages were carried over to the hybrid reach stacker with the current emissions standard V.



SANY reach stackers package together with the complete know-how and experience of the world’s largest producer of reach stackers. The new models redefine standards, not only when it comes to load capacity and manoeuvrability. They are also unrivalled in terms of driver comfort and work safety.  

Rated Power265 / 2 100kw / rpm
Max. lift height (SANY spreader)15 100mm
Boom angle0-60°
Load capacity 1./2./3. row (regular)45 / 31 / 15 t
Load capacity 1./2./3. row (extended)45 / 32 / 16t
Total length11 290mm
Wheel base6 000mm
Max. height, including rotating beacon light4 850mm
Turning radius8 050mm



SANY reach stackers are excellently equipped from the factory when it comes to driver comfort, safety and performance. A series of optional equipment features are available for maximum flexibility and optimal adaptation for the task at hand – from a movable counterweight for additional lifting capacity to the winter package for cold climatic regions.

› Optimum vision thanks to narrow cab pillars
› Grammer Actimo XL driver’s seat, air sprung
› Convenient entry/exit thanks to pivoting steering column
› 7-inch colour display with high resolution
› 3.5-inch colour display

Rear-view camera with separate display
Rear distance sensors, visual and acoustic output
Safety package in spreader
Joystick with CAN safety for fail-safe control of boom and spreader movements
Automatic parking brake
Automatically activated speed limitation

Choice of various spreaders: ELME 817 Innovation and SANY SDJ450H9, Top-Lift for 20 and 40-foot ISO containers, with twist-lock display
Automatic telescope mechanism
Pendulum damping cylinder
+/-2° mechanical slope compensation
-195°/+105° angle of rotation, +/-30° limit of rotation with the cab in the front-most position

8 LED front headlights: low beam, high beam, cornering lights
4 LED headlights on boom
2 LED headlights on spreader
4 LED headlights for ambient lighting to the sides and rear
LED rotating beacon, limiting lights, brake light, turn signals

› Fully automatic powershift transmission with torque converter
› Stop automatic at idle, automatic engine speed adjustment
› Several CAN bus systems, on-board diagnosis
› Battery master switch, protection systems for correct machine operation, seat contact switch, filter blockage indicator