The Stage V updates offer clear advantages – for the environment and for customers

SANY excavator with multiple optimisations

Bedburg, September 2021 – As part of the conversion to the latest Emission Standard “Stage V”, attractive updates have been made to a series of SANY models and these make the machines more appealing, especially to European customers. To this effect, further developments have been made to the following: The SY75C model, the compact excavators in the 7.5 t class with boom beside the cab, and the similarly designed model SY135C and SY215C.

All of the models have one thing in common – they were adapted to meet customer requirements. In doing so, in addition to many aspects for increasing efficiency, the focus was on increased user comfort and adapting the equipment to the European market, in particular.

Good prospects for increased safety

In this case, increased safety mainly involves improved visibility. The SY75C and 135C were equipped with a camera, which provides the driver with an optimal overview. The SY215 now also comes with a side camera in order to also safely cover this area. Furthermore, the additional LED light above the camera guarantees optimal lighting, even when used in darkness.

Work powerfully with increased performance

With the engine, in addition to the increased efficiency and environmental sustainability, the performance is also increased. The SY75C has a general increase in displacement of over 50% for this. The result is an enormous increase in torque at a reduced engine speed and, at the same time, lower noise levels. The SY215 also has increased engine power and torque.

Welcome to a new, more comfortable workstation

A high level of user comfort is key to efficient productivity. This is reason enough for SANY to continuously seek discussions with the operators and to implement corresponding optimisations. All three machines are therefore currently equipped with touchscreen monitors. The displays on the monitor are self-explanatory, can perfectly display the camera images thanks to the high resolution (on demand in different combinations) – and, depending on the model, are 7 to 10 inches in size.

Another comfort feature that has been added is the Bluetooth interface, which is integrated in both the new SY75C and in the SY135C. This not only means that the hands-free system on the mobile phone can be used more effectively, it can also play back your favourite music from various devices via the speakers, which are included as standard.

On the SY75C, the completely redesigned interior rounds off the high-quality appearance of the machine. The driver’s cab is more similar to that of a modern car than that of a construction machine. The adjustment of the driver’s seat on the SY215C is another advantage when it comes to comfort and safety – the consoles are now connected to the seat and therefore move along with it. This not only increases comfort, but also means that the controls can be operated even more precisely.

Flexibility opens up more possible applications

On the SY215C – which is extremely successful on the market – the hydraulic system has also been enhanced so that the second auxiliary control circuit – proportional – is now also part of the standard equipment. The machine can therefore be used even more flexibly with its more extensive basic equipment. Switching the hammer valve during a tool change can now also be carried out conveniently and automatically using the attachment device that is selected on the display. The tool change is therefore automatically prepared without the operator having to leave the cab. And, of course, in doing so, various attachments with different hydraulic parameters can be stored with individual names and saved.