Almost 40 tonnes of concentrated power for major challenges

The new SY390H – SANY is expanding its product range to meet the requirements of European customers

Bedburg, May 2022 – With the new SY390H, SANY is again expanding its range of crawler excavators above 30 tonnes. Weighing almost 40 tonnes, this machine is designed for quarry-applications. Like recent new launches, the focus here was also on adapting to meet European requirements – with an all-encompassing user experience and modern technology that achieves maximum cost-effectiveness.

If you want to move large quantities, you need the right equipment. With the new SY390H, SANY ensures that customers can overcome major challenges. “The ‘H’ in the model name stands for ‘Heavy’, it signifies that our new model is purposely built for heavy-duty use,” explains Timm Hein, European Marketing Manager at SANY Europe. This new crawler excavator is in its element wherever ultimate robustness and full power are needed. SANY has made extensive build design to meet these demanding conditions, which includes the undercarriage. This has been designed to be especially wide, with a width of 3200 mm means that it is perfectly adapted for stability and productive work, which is necessary in quarry-applications. For example, two-stem track shoes help ensure optimum stability due to their increased ground contact pressure, this also provides excellent grip especially on firm and rocky ground. Features including the special kinematics of the arm and the boom are responsible for the powerful performance of the SY390H, even when performing challenging tasks. This allows the machine to unlock its full power. Needless to say, there are no compromises when it comes to safety and durability. A ram guard around the outside, as well as the support rollers supported on both sides and a reliable crawler guard, ensures that the machine fulfils its tasks reliably, even in the most challenging operating conditions.

The ultimate user experience results in greater productivity
The successful, high-resolution 10″ touchscreen display in the driver’s cab of the SY390H provides a quick overview of all relevant information – and ensures intuitive operation. All key machine parameters can be monitored on the display and the various attachment devices can be configured simply and quickly. Outstanding legibility, even in direct sunlight, different language versions and reliable ease of use – even when wearing gloves – are appreciated by drivers. The displays on the two cameras, which are included as standard, can also be accessed on the large screen, ensuring a good panoramic view. The displays can be viewed in different configurations by touching the touchscreen, enabling them to be adapted to the specific working situation or the operator’s view particularly easily.

The driver’s environment as a key factor in success
The efficiency of every construction machine is highly dependent on its operator. This reason is enough for SANY to devote a great deal of attention to the driver’s environment. The good insulation effectively protects against external noise and dust. The air-suspension driver’s seat offers you ultimate comfort. The control panels are fixed to the seat and therefore follow all of its movements. The best conditions for safe operation, even in challenging conditions. The comfort features are rounded off by the heated seat, automatic air conditioning, temperature-controlled storage and a Bluetooth radio with USB port.

Configured for flexibility and efficiency
The new model is powerful when it gets down to work, yet it is agile when the attachment needs to be changed. The operation of the quick-coupler line is also fully integrated into the intuitive menu. The various attachment devices can be displayed and saved with the different parameters in the menu. Switching the attachments over to a hammer is especially simple – thanks to the automatic hydraulic changeover. When the tool change is entered on the monitor, the return is opened automatically to prevent incorrect operation. This means that, when using fully hydraulic quick-coupler devices, the operator can stay in the cab and change the attachment quickly and safely without a manual changeover.

Best in class with exceptional power
Maximum power is especially important during quarry applications. The new SY390H impresses with its Cummins L9-C power unit (Stage V) and power of 252 kW. This leaves similar machines from its class in the dust. Paired with the established Kawasaki hydraulic system, this makes extremely economical use possible, together with an extra power reserve. Not only is the new model capable of being extremely powerful, it can also be particularly fuel-efficient. If the application demands less power, the machine power can easily be adapted to the current conditions by selecting the operating mode. To consistently keep the power that is currently required as low as possible, the fan has been featured with a clutch, which reduces the fuel requirement accordingly.

Everything you would expect from SANY: A huge variety of equipment – as standard
The SY390H already comes equipped ex works with many features to make everyday work easier. These include six powerful LED working lights, which offer outstanding durability and illumination. Both control circuits are included in the hydraulics even in the standard version – together with the corresponding piping and integration into the joystick.

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