With a refined brand image and maximum customer focus.

``Moving more`` – SANY Europe is repositioning itself on the market.

“Moving more” – SANY Europe is repositioning itself on the market.

With a refined brand image and maximum customer focus.

As the third-largest manufacturer of construction machinery, SANY produces high-quality capital goods and sells these right across the world. For many of its products, SANY is the market leader – especially in Asia. For the hydraulic excavators, SANY is achieving market shares of over 25% in China and is therefore the undisputed number 1 in this market. In Europe, the company started the targeted sale and distribution of hydraulic excavators in 2016, and they built up a Europe-wide sales and service network with more than 100 dealers.

With this sales success came the refining of SANY’s brand identity. For this reason, the company, whose European headquarters is located close to Cologne in Germany, set itself the task of redesigning its brand identity in order to further increase its brand recognition.

Key visual/corporate design

Above all, the SANY brand stands for outstanding quality. This obvious demand for quality is now also being put into practice when it comes to communication.

SANY achieved this with the new key visual, which is perhaps the most prominent and most important aspect of the new brand identity. Our presentation will rival any show-stopping spectacular. The dark background and the cloud simulation really emphasise the contours of the machines and convey their power – meaning that the high quality of our communication matches that of our SANY construction machinery.

Of course, great emphasis was also placed on authentic images of the machinery in action and testimonials in order to demonstrate the simple product presentation but to also show the machines in their “natural” surroundings.

In addition to visual imagery and the general appearance, an entire catalogue of materials and communication media was also created within an extremely short period of time. This once again underscores the company’s ambition and drive.

 Focus on the dealers

When developing the materials with the new look, particular attention was paid to products that support the dealer, so as to ensure that trade partners have all the assistance they need. For this, the first step was to completely redevelop and reissue all product brochures. A newly designed image brochure also conveys the performance and values of the SANY brand to the customer.


However, there is a lot more to a comprehensive, high-quality brand appearance. This starts with the business documents, and is far from over with the flags on the modified trade fair stand. It was therefore a matter of course that all of the products (product and image banners, decals for vehicles, a new display concept, videos) and an adapted website (and everything that goes with it) were also improved.

Online shop

To better serve the dealer in the area of customer support, the entire online shop was also relaunched. Not only were many items adapted to the new design, the entire range was also revised and aligned in accordance with the target group.

Gift box – celebrate with the dealers

In order to celebrate all of the innovations described above in a fitting way with the dealers, SANY Europe has also sent each dealer a gift box containing a few merchandise items but also the brand new image brochure, as well as all of the relevant documents. Since the current coronavirus situation means that, unfortunately, we cannot hold a large party in the German headquarters, SANY has decided to send out a bottle of sparkling wine so that the joint success can be toasted appropriately.

Why is SANY investing in a refined brand image?

The quality of SANY’s construction machinery is exceptionally good. The renowned high-quality steel construction, the fitted European components and the Europe-wide support all offer a very interesting alternative to the previous competitors. To communicate this appropriately was the key to overcoming the challenges. The communication and product quality are now on an equal footing – you can see this for yourself.