Practical, versatile and flexible.

Compact wheel loader

Yanmar 4TNV88

Rated power
35 kW / 3 000 rpm

Bucket capacity
0.7 m3

Operating mass
4 150 kg


+ Particularly agile compact loader

+ Comfortable driver’s cab

+ Oscillating axle for greater stability

+ Multifunctional joystick

SANY Europe Radlader SW075


SANY Europe Radlader SW075

Quality that impresses – the exclusive use of high-quality heavy-duty components guarantees reliability and durability, even during tough daily work on the construction site.

SANY Europe Radlader SW075Always steady in every situation – the clever weight distribution, thanks to the engine placement (40/60), the low-lying centre of gravity and the oscillating axle for a low centre of gravity shift ensure the machine maintains its high level of stability in every situation.

Agile and manoeuvrable – the SANY compact wheelers are inexhaustible workhorses. With its precisely coordinated travelmotor, you can complete tasks on the construction site quickly and reliably. And you can arrive at the next place of use quickly over short distances. The SW085 boasts a maximum speed of up to 28 km/h. The compact dimensions and the articulated steering with 80°-articulated joint ensures particularly precise manoeuvring and working, even in extremely confined spaces.

SANY Europe Radlader SW075

Maintenance made easy – the hood suspended by gas-spring can be opened easily and widely. This means all parts needed for maintenance are easily accessible. This is also the case for the rear axle lubrication block, which is built in at a higher level.

Maximum driver comfort for greater productivity – the generously dimensioned cockpit caters to the concerns of the driver down to the last detail – they can enjoy optimal comfort thanks to the suspension seat with two armrests and ergonomically arranged controls. Work is made efficient and comfortable with the adjustable steering column and, above all, with an especially sensitive joystick with driving direction rocker switch and speed level selector switch. This allows precise handling of the machine, even in tricky situations.

Convenient maintenance in focus – regular maintenance and service are an essential part of the routine to ensure that the machines can perform reliably. We have made this especially easy with the compact wheel loaders – all components needed for maintenance are quickly and easily accessible. The large hood and easily accessible lubrication points save time during daily routine checks. This reduces unproductive periods, increases machine availability and extends the service life.

SANY Europe Radlader SW075

Maximum safety – the large windows with their downwards-sloping window lines and the compact dimensions give the driver out­standing visibility on all sides, ensuring maximum safety during operation.

The “stay on the safe side” concept – safety at SANY begins before start-up. For example, the large doors ensure comfortable, quick and, above all, safe entry. Both the large windows and the adjusted profile in the lifting gear allow optimal visibility of the entire working area. The working lights, the downwardssloping window lines and the slanted hood ensure optimum visibility of the working area to the rear. Lowering brackets guarantee that the cylinder cannot retract during maintenance work.

High stability thanks to perfect weight distribution – the SW075 and SW085 compact wheel loaders aren’t called “compact” for nothing. They can do their job optimally in low entrances or narrow passages and in tight curve radiuses. They remain stable in every situation. Even with heavy loads, great working heights and on difficult terrain. Aside from the engine placement and the low centre of gravity, the oscillating axle (rear) ensures optimal traction. The optional safety valves also allow the machine to be used for lifting work, as the lifting gear is prevented from being lowered inadvertently.

SANY Europe Radlader SW075

Reliable power – the tried-and-tested Yanmar engine is the centre piece of the small powerhouse. The powerful transmission guarantees productivity and efficiency on the construction site. It also produces a high torque even in the lower speed range.

Optimal balance of forces for every task – loading and unloading, excavating and backfilling, transporting and levelling – a high breakout force and quick loading and emptying are vital for many tasks on the construction site. The Z-kinematics combine high breakout forces in the lower section with enormous lifting forces in the upper section, guaranteeing an optimal balance of forces and quick working. The brake pedal with integrated inch function also gives the operator the opportunity to redirect the full engine power to the operating hydraulics. This not only protects the travelmotor, but also makes work faster and more economical. The standard float position of the lifting gear offers even more versatility, for example when levelling or when using a snow plough. The attachment devices can move freely upwards and downwards. In order that this function can be used, the optional safety valves can easily be electrically overridden outside of the cab.

SANY Europe Radlader SW075Economically impressive – the well thought-out high-pressure transmission has sufficient power reserves, even for tough tasks or difficult terrain. However, it keeps consumption low even when delivering maximum performance – and ensures operating costs are reduced thanks to its low fuel consumption.


Brochure SW075
Download [PDF 4.8 MB]



The SANY SW075/SW085 compact wheel loaders perfectly combine versatility and high performance. Its Z-kinematics for quickly tipping the bucket and powerful picking up of the load boosts productivity – quick, reliable and precise in all tasks. Furthermore, a hydraulic quick-hitch is available in various designs, providing additional flexibility and time savings.

Performance ISO/TR1439635/3000kW
Speed first gear (forward/reverse)0 - 7km/h
Speed first gear (forward/reverse)0 - 20km/h
Angle of oscillation20°°
Total steering angle80°°
Inner steering angle 2193mm
Max. flow60l/min
Max. length in transport position 4800mm
Max. width in transport position 1700mm
Max. height2460mm
Standard operating weight4150mm



The SW075 and SW085 compact wheel loaders offer impressive standard features. They have everything needed to work efficiently and precisely ex works, such as no skive-hydraulic lines, a beacon lamp and working lights. Similarly, they also feature a front electrics kit and the lighting equipment ex-works.

Armrest right & left
12 V socket
Window wiper
Washer for window wiper
Mechanical joystick
Additional hydraulic circuit on joystick
Windows openable by 180°
Door openable by 180°
Windows gap opening
Rear mirror foldable
Joystick with travel direction
Bottle holder and storage compartment
Mechan. suspension seat
Prepared for radio
Air suspension seat*
Heated mirrors*


2 stage hydrostatic transmission
Oscillating axle (rear)
Self locking differential
Inch/brake pedal

3. hydr. circuit
Front electrics kit
Bucket level indication
Different types of quick-hitches*
Different attachments*


Lights for road travel
Working lights (front)
Working lights (rear)

› Hood suspended by gas-spring
› Bolt for hitch
› Stronger battery*


› Safety valves (electr. actuated)*
› Reverse travel alarm
› Beacon lamp
› Battery master switch
› Safety valves
› ROPS/FOPS certificate
› Homologation*