Compact wheel loader


Rated power
51.7 kW / 2 500 rpm

Bucket capacity
1.0 m3

Operating mass
5 000 kg


+ Particularly agile compact loader

+ Comfortable driver’s cab

+ Oscillating axle for greater stability

+ High travel speed

SANY Europe Radlader SW105


SANY Europe Radlader SW105 SW115

When it matters most – only top-quality components are machined for the SW105/SW115 SANY compact wheel loaders. The heavy-duty components used are ideal for tough use on the construction site.

SANY Europe Radlader SW105 SW115

Stability as a foundation – together with the low-lying centre of gravity, the specially developed rear oscillating axle ensures the machine retains the highest level of stability, even on uneven ground.

Maximum traction and manoeuvrability – it’s a familiar scene – on the construction site, at an outside warehouse or a bulk storage space; when you need to use your wheel loader, there is often little space for manoeuvring and working. It’s a good thing that the SW105/SW115 compact wheel loaders, with their 80° articulated joint, can be steered with particular precision and only need little space thanks to their compact design. The oscillating axle (rear) ensures maximum stability when travelling both along the road and on uneven terrain.

SANY Europe Radlader SW105 SW115

Sensitive right down to the details – the joystick with driving direction rocker switch and speed level selector switch, as well as the 3. hydraulic function controls, allow for particularly precise and versatile handling of the machine.

Comfortable working atmosphere – wide, safe entry, comfortable suspended seat – even just your first impression will be enough to convince you that the cockpit is entirely tailored to the comfort and work ergonomics of the driver. A clear view of all important information – the instruments in the cockpit feature a generously sized and intuitive display. The powerful heating and ventilation and individually adjustable steering column complete the standard features of the cab. The SW105 also stands out thanks to its eye-catching interior design.

Everything within reach – placing heavy loads within a centimetre’s accuracy? This is no problem with the particularly sensitive joystick with driving direction rocker switch and speed level selector switch. This allows the machine to be controlled effortlessly with extreme precision. The 3. hydraulic function integrated as standard can also be controlled using the joystick. This is perfect for opening and closing a dump bucket, for example. The brake pedal with integrated inch function also gives the operator the opportunity to simply redirect the full engine power to the operating hydraulics.

SANY Europe Radlader SW105 SW115

Maximum safety – the large windows with their downwards-sloping window lines and the compact dimensions give the driver outstanding visibility on all sides, ensuring maximum safety during operation.

Stable in every situation – with a full load bucket capacity of 1.0/1.1 m3, the SANY SW105/SW115 are particularly well suited to tough tasks. It goes without saying that they must be able to safely and frequently handle heavy loads while travelling on any type of terrain. The low centre of gravity, the engine built lengthways and the oscillating axle (rear) ensures the necessary road grip. The clearly visible level indicator also helps when loading; this ensures that the bucket is guided precisely above the ground.

Work safely and productively at all times – the large windows and deeply drawn window lines give the operator an optimum view at all times. The optional electrically actuated safety valves provide not only comfort when switching to the float position, but also increased safety when loading. The LED reversing lights (SW105), working lights, beacon lamp and secure loops for fixing during transport also contribute to increasing safety.

SANY Europe Radlader SW105 SW115

Reliability is our trump card – we only use well-known and reliable components, such as powerful Yanmar/Deutz engines or tried-and-tested Bosch, Rexroth and Casappa hydraulics.

Only the best of everything – no-skive hydraulic hoses provide the required safety for the delicate components. Other than this, we only use components from the heavy duty line, in order to guarantee long-term operational safety. The generously sized radiator ensures that even performance-intensive attachment devices are no problem at all for the machine. The hydraulic system is equipped with a standard float position of the lifting gear, which opens up additional possible applications. In this way, surfaces can be made level, or attachment devices such as sweepers or snow ploughs can be operated without any further modification.

SANY Europe Radlader SW105 SW115

Top values – the Yanmar/Deutz 4-cylinder diesel engine provides high power and torque even at low speeds, ensuring low fuel consumption.

Equipment that saves costs as standard – the powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine impresses not only with its low fuel consumption but also in terms of exhaust gas emissions. It holds back and complies with the stipulated levels of the currently applicable stage V, even without the addition of AdBlue. The electronically controlled 2 stage fan can be adapted to the relevant working situation. This also saves fuel and reduces noise generation. The large one-piece hood allows easy access for maintenance and service. The electronics are built in such a way that they are particularly well-protected from dust and environmental effects.


Brochure SW105
Download [PDF 4.6 MB]
Teaser SW105 – Watch video



There is hardly any other construction machine that can be used for so many different tasks as a wheel loader. The SW105/SW115 SANY wheel loaders stand out for their exemplary versatility. The best conditions for maximum productivity. Their optimal balance of power and weight makes them particularly efficient, and the extensive standard features provided ex works emphasise increase their flexibility and add numerous possible applications.

Performance ISO/TR1439651,7/2500kW
Speed first gear (forward/reverse)0 - 7km/h
Speed first gear (forward/reverse)0 - 20 (0-30 opt.)km/h
Angle of oscillation25°
Total steering angle80°
Inner steering angle 2585mm
Max. flow70l/min
Max. length in transport position 5270mm
Max. width in transport position 2000mm
Max. height2760mm
Standard operating weight5400mm



The compact SANY machines are already optimally equipped for versatile use as standard. Optional extra aequipment makes them even more flexible, for example a variety of attachment devices, hydraulic kits for oil circulation, stronger batteries or air-conditioning.

› Heating
› Armrest right & left
› 12 V socket
› Window wiper
› Washer for window wiper
› Mechanical joystick
› Additional hydraulic circuit on joystick
› Windows openable by 180°
› Windows gap opening
› Rear mirror foldable
› Joystick with travel direction
Mechan. suspension seat
Prepared for radio
Air suspension seat*
› Airconditioning*
› Heated mirrors*


2 stage hydrostatic transmission
Oscillating axle (rear)
Self locking differential on front axle
Inch/brake pedal
Fast travel option*


3. hydr. circuit
Front electrics kit
Bucket level indication
Different types of quick-hitches*
Different attachments*


Lights for road travel
Working lights (front)
Working lights (rear)

Hood suspended by gas-spring
2 stage fan
Stronger battery*


Safety valves (electr. actuated)*
Reverse travel alarm
Beacon lamp
Battery master switch
Safety valves
LED rearlights
ROPS/FOPS certificate