SRSC4535G5 | SRSC4535G5-P | SRSC4535G5-S

Reach stacker


Rated power
265 kW / 2 100 rpm

Load capacities at row 1/2/3
45 / 31 / 15 t to 45 / 32 / 25 t

Wheel base
6 500 mm


Powerful and manoeuvrable

+ Optional support jack and
movable counterweight 

+ Robust & extremely durable thanks
to the solid steel construction


Perfectly balanced – SANY reach stackers offer unrivalled lifting capacity in their class. This is made possible thanks to their balanced weight distribution and the robust, high-quality steel construction which offers excellent stability. SANY offers the right machine for every need, in three different sizes, tailored to the different track spacings. The optional support jack and sliding counterweight offer extra lifting capacity.

A clear time advantage – SANY reach stackers can quickly load and unload containers in a wide range of situations. They are configured for a high turnover speed, right down to the last detail. For example, the optional support jack takes with 5 seconds only around half the time to extend and retract compared to similar machines, making these the fastest on the market by a clear margin.

Full power, reduced consumption – The new EU Stage V engine features a new gearbox. This enables even more efficient use of the hydraulics. This means full pump speed, and therefore full hydraulic power, with the engine speed reduced by 9 %. This increase in hydraulic efficiency results in significant fuel savings.

Fleet management system – SANY Connect allows you to remotely monitor the health and performance of your machines. This offers optimal support in your operational planning. For example, this lets you track your machines’ movements on-site and identify idle periods or potential for further optimisation. Scheduled maintenance stoppages can also be optimally integrated into the workflow.

Key components from established suppliers we don’t compromise on quality. Our reach stackers are built using our own robust steel components. Our other main components come exclusively from European brand manufacturers who guarantee a high level of technology, proven reliability and secure spare parts availability. For example, Volvo engines, Dana transmissions, Kessler axles and Parker hydraulics.

Maximise availability – SANY reach stackers can operate for long periods, with minimal downtime for main­tenance, service and repairs. Under real operating conditions, they have proven that they can operate for more than 50 000 hours over 10 years. That’s over 5 000 hours of reliable productivity per year. 

Optimal visibility – The largest cab available on the market, with numerous comfort and safety features included even in the entry level equipment. The driver enjoys an excellent view of the work area and the twistlocks thanks to the large glazed area at the front. The movable cab also offers the driver a direct, unobstructed view of the container and loading areas. Driving comfort is maximised thanks to a comfortable driver’s seat and air conditioning, even on the standard version.

Instant precision – The Elobau premium multifunction joystick is designed for ergonomic and efficient control. It allows multiple hydraulic commands to be issued simultaneously, enabling precise control with fast cycle times. The joystick is connected to a safety CAN bus.

Everything safely visible – In addition to the main display featuring all of the machine information, the driver is shown the status of the four twistlocks on the spreader head-up display on the front edge of the roof glass. This means that the driver has a direct view on the current load compared to the capacity at the respecive boom angle and current telescopic status. When a container is picked up, the display informs the driver about the more distant twistlocks which he cannot see directly. Always on board: the SANY comprehensive safety package.

Never exceed a limit – Electronic monitoring of the load moment ensures that the load chart limits are always observed. The boom and telescope angle with the existing load on the spreader is taken into account. When the limit values are approached, the control slows the movement speed, warns the driver and prevents the load limits from being exceeded. A reversing camera and distance sensors are fitted as standard. Other camera systems, for example for the front or the twistlocks, are available as options.

Automatically faster  The automatic engine speed adjustment and Load Sense hydraulic system allow for particularly short lifting and lowering times. The twistlocks are automatically locked when all four are fully inserted into the corners of the container, ensuring efficient
operation. The spreader is automatically telescoped to the set end position.

Save time when supporting – SANY reach stackers can be equipped with an optional front support jack. This increases the lifting capacity by 9 tonnes with the boom extended. With a maximum ground pressure of 10 bar, the contact surface is designed so that the load on the ground roughly corresponds to that of the tyres. The support jack can be raised or lowered in just 5 seconds. Rapid positioning of the support jack enables one or two more container moves per hour to be handled compared to a competitor machine with a support jack.


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Brochure SRSC4535G5-P
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SANY reach stackers bring together the entire expertise and experience of the world’s largest producer of reach stackers. SANY reach stackers set standards not only in terms of load-bearing capacity and manoeuvrability, but also in terms of driver comfort and occupational safety.  

Rated Power265kw/2100rpmkw / rpm
Max. lift height (ELME spreader 857)14 910mm
Boom angle0-58°
Load capacity 1./2./3. row (regular)45 / 31 / 15t
Load capacity 1./2./3. row (extended)45 / 32 / 25t
Total length11 960mm
Wheel base6 500mm
Max. height, including rotating beacon light5 050mm
Turning radius8 600mm



The SANY SC4535 reach stackers can be selected and equipped as specialist machines for their respective work environments. A series of optional equipment features are available for maximum flexibility and optimal adaptation for the task at hand – from a movable counterweight for additional lifting capacity, to the winter package for cold climatic regions.

› Grammer Actimo driver’s seat with mechanical suspension
› Adjustable steering column, tilting
› 7-inch main display with colour screen
› 3.5-inch additional spreader display with colour screen
› 5-inch reversing camera display with colour screen
› Fire extinguisher
› Air-conditioning system

Safety package in the spreader for twistlock monitoring and control, telescopic release with open twistlocks
Joystick control with CAN safety
Rear distance sensors, visual and acoustic output
Reversing camera
Automatic parking brake

SANY SDJ450G5, Top lift for 20″ and 40″ ISO containers with twistlock display
Automatic telescope mechanism
Anti-sway cylinder
+/– 2° mechanical side slope compensation
+105°/–195° rotation angle, +/–30° rotation limitation with cab in forward position

8 LED front headlights: low beam, high beam, cornering lights
4 LED headlights on boom
2 LED headlights on spreader
4 LED headlights for ambient lighting to the sides and rear
LED rotating beacon, limiting lights, brake light, turn signals

› Fully automatic powershift transmission with torque converter
› Automatic stop
› Automatic engine speed adjustment for hydraulic operation
› Several CAN bus systems, on-board diagnostics
› Battery master switch, protective devices for engine and trans­mission control, seat contact switch, filter status display